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From Vision to Reality: The Innovation Process

Many Companies think that Innovation takes time, money, people and resources. That’s why it’s common for a company to focus on core business activities and not build an innovation lab, a specific building or department dedicated to working on prototypes and fleshing out ideas but this is a big mistake if we need real growth of our business and build next generations. An innovation lab gives you the ability to test out, experience and experiment with new technologies and more importantly to find out how they will integrate with existing business processes or enhance them.







We not only provide space for our IT staff from all departments to collaborate and learn about technologies that may not be part of their everyday work but also for everyone who passionate about IT Technologies and have ideas that need to transfer it to reality. We provide chairs, network connectivity and a whiteboard. You provide the laptops and ideas. It’s not much to look at, but if it becomes popular, we can brainstorm ways to make it nicer.

As we believe by equality and Gender Diversity We also help to discover tomorrow’s female leaders so we can minimize gender gap and increase Women empowerment by giving them the equal chance to learn build and share ideas in Information Technology.

Come together with your colleagues to learn or build something cool!

To join us, Contact our Innovation Team on: